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Importance of Voting in Upcoming Maryland Primary Elections Was Focus on ‘Tuned In’ Council Radio Show Video of Radio America Show Now Available ‘On Demand’ As Guests Mayra Bayonet and Gilberto Zelaya Provided Valuable Information
  • Release ID: 14-181
  • Release Date: 6/18/2014
  • Contact: Neil Greenberger 240-777-7939 or Delphine Harriston240-777-7931
  • From: Council Office
The upcoming Maryland primary elections—and where to find more information about the procedures and the candidates—were the topics of discussion on June 13 on Sintonía con el Concejo del Condado de Montgomery (Tuned In with the Montgomery County Council), a weekly show on Radio America (WACA 1540 AM). A video broadcast of the show is now available “on demand.”

Special guests Mayra Bayonet of the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Gilberto Zelaya of the County Board of Elections explained in detail the importance of participation in the primary elections.

Early voting for the primaries has started and will continue at nine locations around the County through June 19. The main primary day is Tuesday, June 24. Among the races registered voters can select candidates for are the County Executive and County Council races; for the office of Governor; and for State Delegates and State Senators. Candidates who win in primaries will compete in the general election in November.

Some of the discussion focused on the Latino community’s increased participation in recent elections.

“Our duty as a community is to prepare ourselves (to be informed),” said Dr. Zelaya. “Every day, I get calls (with people asking), ‘Dr. Zelaya, who should I vote for.’ That's not my job, but I can point them to (find) information.”

Ms. Bayonet told listeners that they must vote if they want to influence the change in their community.

“If you want change in your children's school, if you want to see change in your own work or if you want to see change in our community organizations, you need to go vote,” she said. “So go vote for the changes our community needs."

The Montgomery County Council and Radio America have entered into a community partnership that provides the Latino community with key information on issues and programs and provides a forum for residents to express views and ask questions of Councilmembers. The partnership includes the 30-minute weekly show at 2 p.m. each Friday on the Washington Region’s most popular Spanish language station.

The show is hosted by Julie Ríos Little. Each week, the show features guests talking about important issues before the Council and also provides information about programs offered by the County to help residents and businesses. A regular focus of the show is on small business owners telling their stories of success.

Key portions of the show can be viewed in two video replays at:

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