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 Special Storm Tree Debris Pickups on County Maintained Roads July 11


MCDOT's Division of Highway Services will provide special storm tree debris collections -- on County maintained roads only -- throughout the County starting July 11.

Crews will systematically begin covering all of the County’s 217 snow plow routes, picking up tree debris that is located within the County right-of-way.  This is a special one-time only service resulting from the June 29th storm. 

To ensure pick up, residents should place only their storm tree debris in the public right-of-way before July 11.  They should ensure that sidewalks, driveways and roads are not blocked.  Residents are reminded that once their storm tree debris is placed on the right-of-way, it still may take several days to be picked up due to the volume of debris and the number of homes involved.

Residents may also continue to bundle their debris and use County-provided trash and yard trim curbside collection or drop off disposables at the Transfer Station.  For information on cleanup instructions for fallen tree limbs visit the Department of Environmental Protection's website.


To report storm-related problems or other maintenance concerns, call 311 Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (TTY, call 301-251-4850), or visit MC311’s website anytime.