Prostitution Arrest in Gaithersburg

As a part of the ongoing investigation of massage parlors in Montgomery County, detectives from the Vice and Intelligence Section of the Special Investigations Division have arrested a man and a woman for their involvement in a house of prostitution that was run out of an apartment, in a residential neighborhood in Gaithersburg.

Last night at 8:00 p.m., detectives entered an apartment in the 400 block of Muddy Branch Road in Gaithersburg, as a part of an investigation of suspected prostitution activity in the apartment.

Ana S. Lopez, 29, and Salvador Montan-Chacha, 52, both of no fixed address, were in the apartment at the time and were arrested. Both were charged with Prostitution, a misdemeanor crime punishable by a fine of up to $500 and up to one year in jail. They remain in the Montgomery County Detention Center on a bond of $5,000.

*** Photos of Lopez and Montan-Chacha have been e-mailed to all known media locations. ***

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