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 Highway Tree Crews work through backlog of service requests


Tree crews under contract by the Division of Highway Services are working steadily to handle a large number of service requests that reach the County continually. For example, by the end of January, crews had pruned almost 2,400 trees. However, they still face an estimated 10 month backlog in pruning requests. Tree inspectors completed some 6,638 inspections by that same timeframe, but another 241 requests remain. It is estimated it will take them seven weeks to finish that set, as new requests continue to arrive.

While tree crews had removed 1,453 trees by the end of January, there is still an 11 month backlog of trees to be taken down. This delay is caused by limited funds for this maintenance activity. Similarly, because there has been no funding available for stump grinding, some 8,000 stumps remain in the queue, an estimated three year backlog.

A small amount of funds have been allocated for the planting of new trees, and that program began this year in early spring. For more information on tree work, visit the Division of Highway Services’ website. To report tree-related issues in the right-of-way of your community, call 311, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Or use the MC311 website.