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Weekly Shhhout-Out

Roaming librarians file dispatches from the world of information.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Can I Get a Title? Just Ask!

One of the fun questions librarians love to get is when patrons need help remembering the title of a book.  Sometimes it's a beloved picture book from their childhood.  It might be a book they saw in a newspaper but they can't remember the title.

So here are some good places we look, and you can too, to pin down that elusive title.

New MCPL Catalog
For adult and teen books:  NoveList Plus
For kids' books:  NoveList K-8 Plus
Online articles from Magazines and Newspapers

But don't forget your most important resource...our staff!  Whatever information you need, or book question you have, we've got you covered.  You can:

Visit or call your local library
Call or e-mail our Ask-a-Librarian staff
Chat 24/7 with MCPL librarians or our library partners

To keep up with our fabulous events, services, and resources you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We've got something for everyone at MCPL.  Just ask! 



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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Moving Librarians

Now I've got your attention, let's examine more videos about libraries and librarians. There are many images out there.

Videos can celebrate library cards:


And videos show you what to do with one once you get it. A rapper can teach you about the Dewey Decimal System, and real life librarians are happy to sing to you about the wonders of the library catalog.


One is even able to take a library tour under the guise of a sports tournament. Here's an example of how not to organize a library, however.


 Would you like to be a librarian? Here's how the profession looked, once upon a time:


Hmmmm!  You know, a lot of that is still true--just insert modern technology. I don't think anyone ever had an interview like this, though.

Librarians are seen in many ways in The Media. I like this manga mash-up love song.


There's another good song on YouTube with the same title.

One can also find examples of how not to behave as a librarian, as in this British TV skit featuring a young Hugh Laurie (known over here for his role in House). Real librarians, of course, are totally against censorship.


Another example of how not to behave is in the video Library Thriller which, while it features music from one iconic eighties video, also references another in the attitude of the leggy, bunned librarians. I don't approve of their shushing and pointing to prohibitive signs--but I really wish I could wear those mile-high heels. I feel even more conflicted about Kickass Librarian--on the one hand, I would never talk to you, the library user, in such a manner; on the other hand, concerning privacy issues, mad librarian skilz, and tattoos--YAY!

With budget and staff cuts, and revolutionary changes in media and the way people seek information, some doom-sayers proclaim that libraries are on the way out.  But if we are unimportant, how come there are so many videos about us on the Web? Librarians are survivors. We will learn to give you what you want with less staff, and we will reinvent what we do to stay relevant to a new generation. We will not give up. We are here to stay.


AnnetteAnnette K.

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