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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Come On Out to the Country!

I recently found myself temporarily transplanted to the farm fields of western Montgomery County. While this causes me to grumble about the more frequent emptying of my gas tank (and my wallet), I found that there are many good things to be had out here. Of course, the best part just might be a visit to one of your up-county library branches, like Poolesville or Damascus. So what else should lure you out to the country?
-                          Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:
In season, there are always farm-fresh fruits and veggies to be had. From summer corn and tomatoes to fall apples and pumpkins, there’s sure to be something for everyone. In just a few weeks, the area’s strawberry patches will be teeming with families and picking (and eating!) their juicy goodness. Why not make a batch of strawberry preserves, just like grandma used to? (catalog link?)
-                          Wide Open Spaces, Fresh Air, and Grand Views:
You’ll find an abundance of natural surroundings here. My
commute brings me a glimpse of one of my favorite quick getaways, Sugarloaf Mountain (link). There are also plenty of county and state parks & trails to enjoy, from Seneca Creek to Little Bennett and Black Hill and beyond. It’s also a great area from which to pick out a great bicycling route and enjoy the scenery while you get a workout.
-                          Historical Sites Galore
The past is alive out here, whether you’re walking in its footsteps along the C & O Canal Trail or driving through one the many historic towns here. Civil War buffs will note that both Union and Confederate troops moved through and camped out in the area. Take a ride on the historic White’s Ferry, in operation since 1786, and now the last of its kind on the Potomac. Many of the farming families here have been long established in their communities as well and many have connections to these earlier times.
-                          Life In the Slow Lane
Life is lived at a much slower pace (and we’re not just talking
about speed limits). Things are more easy-going and laidback here. It makes for a nice respite from the breakneck speed of life in the more urban areas of the county. Since everything is more spread out here, there’s no sense in rushing to get anywhere. You’ll arrive soon enough. (And if you try to hurry anyway, you’ll probably pay the price. There are no less than three speed cameras spaced throughout my route to work.)
Hope to see you soon!


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