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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Calendar showing January 1.Have you made any New Year's resolutions this year? 2012 is nearly 2 weeks old. Have you been sucessful in keeping any of your resoultions?  Experts say that people have trouble  keeping resolutions that are not specific. In a recent New York Times article, John Tierney advises individuals to divide wide, all encompassing resolutions, into small, more manageable behavioral changes that will be easier to acomplish and track.

The USA.gov site gives a list of the most common resolutions and the resources to help you plan how to keep them.  Included on the list are Piggy Bank

  • Drink Less Alcohol,
  • Earth from space in a recycle bin.Eat Healthy Food,
  • Get a Better Education,
  • Get a Better Job,
  • Get Fit,
  • Lose Weight,
  • Manage Debt,
  • Manage Stress,
  • Quit Smoking,Fruit
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,
  • Save Money,
  • Take a Trip, and
  • Volunteer to Help Others.

It is not too late to use this kind of information to modify your resolutions. For example, instead of resolving to "feed your family only healthy food in 2012," a more managable and attainable goal would be "to cook and serve 2 or 3 meals each week using only healthy ingredients." Family members used to finding soda in the refrigerator and cookies in the cupboard will be resistant to a change that completely eliminates these foods. Look for greater cooperation and long lasting change when changes are incremental or small.

If you need ideas about making this kind of change in your family Feeding Bay Green cover.meals, MCPL hasFood Rules Cover books, ebooks and databases that can help. The books,  Eat This, Not That give suggestions on how to Eat this not that cover.substitute one food for another. Food Rules give simple, sensible rules to follow to help you develop a healthy, sustainable eating plan. Feeding Baby Green may also be help you plan meals for young children. Browse the nutrition section, 613.2, to find other books. Don't overlook the new book sections in your local branch or the ebook catalog entries, when browsing.  MCPL's online Health and Wellness database includes links to current articles and publications about health, exercise and nuitrition.

IDancersf you have resolved to "get moving" in 2012, MCPL offers a variety of dance and exercise DVD's that can help you to exercise in your own home.  These DVD's may be borrowed for 3 weeks and renewed twice, if no one else is waiting.  For dance DVD's, browse the shelves in the 793.33 section for DVD's like The Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler.  There are similar titles for children, too in the children's DVD section.  For exercise DVD's, browse the  the shelves in the 613.7 section. This section includes yoga DVD's, too. Local shopping centers including LakeForest, Westfield Montgomery and White Flint malls each offer "mall walkers" programs.  The Montgomery County Department of Recreation  offers a variety of classes and recreational programs for adults and children.

Oh, what about my resolutions? Instead of my annual resolutions to keep my house in order and exercise more, I have resolved to hang my clothes each evening, make my bed each day and walk at least twice a week. Maybe the modified goal strategy will work for me?

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