Eligible Residents Urged to Apply for Property Tax Relief Prior to November 1 Deadline

Eligible Montgomery County residents are encouraged to apply for the Maryland Homeowner’s Property Tax Credit program, which limits the amount of property taxes a homeowner must pay based on income.

An additional County supplement and a senior tax credit will automatically apply to eligible County residents. For a senior tax credit, residents must be age 70 or older.

No additional application is required for either the County supplement or the senior tax credit.  The deadline for the state application submission is November 1, 2010.

In order to be eligible, a homeowner must have:

  • A combined household income of less than $64,000;
  • Lived in their home for at least six months, or will live in it for the next 12 months; and
  • A combined net worth (of everyone in the applicant’s household) of no more than $200,000. This does not include the value of the primary residence or the cash value of any qualified retirement savings or individual retirement accounts.

To apply for the property tax credit program, eligible homeowners must fill out an application form each year.

To get an application form, call the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) at 1-800-944-7403, or download the form and instructions from the SDAT web site at www.dat.state.md.us/sdatweb/htc.html.

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POSTED AT: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | 7:00:00 AM |
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