With Volunteer Support, Prince William County, VA Passes Emergency Medical Transport Revenue Recovery Initiative

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Prince William County, VA recently approved, with the support of its volunteers, an Ambulance Reimbursement program like the one that was approved by the County Council and signed into law this year in Montgomery County.

Both counties now have programs that recover the costs of emergency transports from individual insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid and use those proceeds to save lives – at no additional cost to County residents.

Nearly all local jurisdictions have successfully enacted EMS transport reimbursements including Fairfax County, Frederick County, Prince George’s County, the District of Columbia, Arlington County, Anne Arundel County and the City of Alexandria. There is no evidence from jurisdictions that have successfully implemented a user fee that it deters anyone from calling for needed emergency medical transport assistance, negatively impacts volunteers, or increases health insurance premiums.

“In Montgomery County, we know that the EMS transport fee will save lives because we will be able to better meet the growing emergency services needs in our community,” said County Executive Ike Leggett. “Council passage of the bill this year means that this County will initially recover $14 million from funds already set aside by private insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid for transports. In 10 years, we expect to recover nearly $170 million in costs for EMS transports. That is significant.

“Our neighboring jurisdictions are collecting tens of millions of dollars and using those monies to save lives – with no adverse effects; we should do the same. And, it won’t cost County residents one additional dime.”

Get the facts. Click here for “It’s About Saving Lives” flyer and/or the “Ambulance Reimbursement” brochure. Download, forward and spread the word.

For even more information about Montgomery County’s EMS transport fee, go to http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/emstransportfee .

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POSTED AT: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | 8:00:00 AM |
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