Leggett Testifies Before Maryland Public Service Commission on Reliability and Quality of Pepco Service

At a public hearing in Rockville late last month, County Executive Ike Leggett provided his perspective on the frequent and extensive power outages in the Montgomery County portion of the Pepco service area. Below is an excerpt from that testimony.

“I recently met with Pepco Holdings, Inc. Chairman Joseph Rigby and expressed my concerns and frustration regarding the frequent and extensive outages.  I impressed to him and his senior executives the importance of developing a more stable and reliable electricity service in the County.  In short, I emphasized the following four major concerns:

  • Pepco’s contracting and operational procedures and practices for bringing additional resources to bear in emergency situations need reconsideration; 
  • Pepco’s preventive maintenance and tree trimming programs need review and revision;
  • Pepco’s inability to effectively communicate useful and accurate information in a timely manner to customers; and
  • Practices regarding coordinating activities with the County under emergency conditions needs improvement.

I further advised him that I am committed to working with him, and anyone else with a stake in this issue, to correct these shortcomings. Click here for full text

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POSTED AT: Saturday, September 04, 2010 | 11:00:00 AM |
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