2010 Census:Montgomery County Grows and Grows More Diverse

According to recently released 2010 U.S. Census data, Montgomery County’s population has grown more diverse over the last decade, becoming a majority-minority county for the first time. The figures are based on 50.7 percent of residents identifying themselves as Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian or Pacific Islander or an ethnicity other than non-Hispanic White.

Of the estimated 971,777 people living in Montgomery County, the Census data breaks down the population as follows:

  • 49.3 percent non-Hispanic White, down 7.8 percent in the last decade
  • 17 percent Hispanic or Latino, up 64.4 percent in the last decade
  • 16.6 percent Black or African American, up 25 percent in the last decade
  • 13.9 percent Asian and Pacific Islander, up 37.5 percent in the last decade

For more data about population trends in Montgomery and neighboring counties, visit www.montgomeryplanning.org/research/data_library/census/2010/

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