A Win-Win Solution for Inmates and the Silver Spring Community

The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DOCR) -- with the help of the Silver Spring Urban District (SSUD) -- has come up with another win-win program as reported in The Gazette. This one gives residents convicted of misdemeanors the option of doing weekend cleanup work in downtown Silver Spring instead of spending the time in jail.

DOCR Director Art Wallenstein is proud --- and rightfully so – of the partnership with the SSUD that has made it happen. He notes that it took more than a decade to end the weekend sentences “and now we have something positive.” Wallenstein says that “the program was fully vetted in the community prior to any operations starting on site in the SSUD. The crews are at work every Saturday and Sunday - 52 weekends a year.”



Two County Public Safety Officers Receive Master’s Degrees in Homeland Security

Two members of the County’s public safety ranks recently received master’s degrees in Homeland Security from the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS).

With a focus on Homeland Security, Montgomery County Police Lt. Phil Raum (on the right in the photo) is the National Capital Region (NCR) Exercise & Training Coordinator for Montgomery County. He also assists with exercises and training for multiple NCR jurisdictions and disciplines.

Since 2006, Lt. Raum has also planned and coordinated multiple full-scale active shooter exercises at Clarksburg HS, Wheaton Plaza and the Universities at Shady Grove. He represents the Montgomery County Police for local emergency management issues in the region such as the H1N1 pandemic in 2009-2010, the severe weather storms from 2009-2010, tabletop exercises and other training activities, such as the Incident Command System training.

Michael McAdams, assistant chief in the Operations Division of the  Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service,
received the Philip Zimbardo award. This award honors a student who demonstrates the best understanding of the psychological aspects of terrorism and whose performance in the master’s program best embodies the highest levels of academic achievement and outstanding leadership. The honor is named for renowned Stanford University psychologist Philip Zimbardo, who also teaches at CHDS.

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