Montgomery County Public Libraries to Mark National Library Week with Customer Survey

To help determine the effectiveness of its services and programs, Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) has announced that it will conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey in its 20 branches during National Library Week, April 10-16.

This year’s survey, for library customers 12 years of age and over, will be an online questionnaire available through the library website,

The survey will also be available in Spanish and Chinese.MCPL administrators will use the results to help plan future strategies for all aspects of the system wide operations.

The survey will ask customers to:

  • rate their library experience and evaluate the library system’s customer service;
  • evaluate their satisfaction with collections, materials, programs and technology;
  • evaluate building amenities, such as space for reading and study and building layout and signage;
  • provide feedback on how well they believe MCPL is accomplishing its mission; and
  • describe how using the library has impacted or influenced their lives.

Volunteers are needed in each library branch to help direct customers to the survey computers. If interested, contact the manager of any MCPL branch.

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