Leggett Testifies on Capitol Hill on Local Transportation Priorities

County Executive Ike Leggett testified on April 6 before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works at a hearing entitled, “State and Local Perspectives on Transportation.”

Leggett discussed the importance of Federal funding to ease traffic congestion in Montgomery County and the Washington metro area. He detailed the impacts BRAC is already having on the Bethesda area and stressed the importance of Congress continuing the New Starts Program so the County can advance the Corridor Cities Transitway, the Purple Line and a Bus Rapid Transit system.

Senators sought testimony from community leaders and transportation stakeholders on national, state and local transportation priorities for the next surface transportation authorization.

In part, Leggett told the committee:

“We must find ways to make it easier for local governments to obtain federal transportation funds. The Federal Bridge program is an example of a successful federal transportation program that benefits state and local governments. More federal funding should be made available to local jurisdictions following a similar protocol.

“As we look toward job growth, it is clear that with most of our local roadway system already in place our economic development is directly tied to improved mass transit to serve both private and public sector employees.

“It is important that Congress continue the New Starts Program which gives us the opportunity to compete for federal funds to build the Corridor Cities Transitway, the Purple Line, and to advance a Bus Rapid Transit system in our County.”

Read the complete statement.

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