Villages Blueprint How to Start a Senior Village

Montgomery County’s “Village Blueprint,” a step-by-step guide created to support communities within the County and throughout the region that want to start a Senior Village organization in their neighborhood, is now available at all branches of Montgomery County Public Libraries. Senior “Villages” provide grassroots services to combat social isolation, improve mobility and enhance access to services for seniors.

The Village Blueprint is a “how-to” manual on starting, organizing, administering and sustaining a Village. In addition to public libraries, copies of the Blueprint are available at the County’s five regional services centers. Download Village Blue Print: Building a Community For All Ages (PDF). 

Villages are a national movement that began in Beacon Hill, MA. A Senior Village is a grass roots organization created to provide older adults with lifestyle choices that include continuing to live in their own homes.

According to an AARP study, nearly 90 percent of adults 50 and older want to stay in their current home and community as they age. The Village movement supports “aging in place.” County Executive Ike Leggett has been actively engaged in and committed to supporting the growth of Villages in Montgomery County.

First released in September 2010, the Blueprint was produced in partnership with Family & Nursing Care, a local resource for private duty home care since 1968.

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