County Releases Priorities for 2012 General Assembly Session

The County government recently presented the following priorities for the 2012 Session to the members of the County’s delegation:

  • ensure that any changes to the State K-12 education statute will not prevent the County from meeting its statutory local funding requirement for FY 13 and beyond;
  • protect funding for energy assistance programs that an increasing number of lower income families in the County are relying on;
  • support a gas tax increase and other new, sustainable revenue sources that will result in the ability for the State to make substantial new investments to improve transportation infrastructure and restore Highway User and Ride On operating subsidy funds (see Appendix B for a listing of projects);
  • support the Montgomery County Public School’s public school construction request of $185 million which represents the State share of eligible project costs (see Appendix A for a listing of projects);
  • support a $1 million State grant to help underwrite the capital costs of the new Silver Spring Library;
  • support Montgomery College’s request for State funds to help underwrite the capital costs of the Germantown Science and Applied Studies Building ($2.7 million) and the Rockville Student Services Center ($5.4 million);
  • support funding for and strategic growth at the Universities at Shady Grove; and
  • support an increase in the Bay Restoration fee but restrict the use of the revenues to existing obligations.

For more information, view the complete power point presentation.

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