Pedestrian Safety Enhancements Along Piney Branch Road First of a Kind in the State

County Executive Leggett recently joined State, local, and regional leaders for another StreetSmart event to showcase the latest pedestrian safety improvements in a High Incident Area – along one segment of Piney Branch Road. The installation of special curb markings was the first of its kind in Maryland. The markers indicate where it is and is not safe for pedestrians to cross the street and remind walkers to think twice before crossing mid-block and risking injury or death.

In addition to engineering enhancements, education teams on the street are intervening when they see unsafe behaviors, and County Police are issuing tickets to drivers and pedestrians who are not obeying the law. In eight High Incidence Areas – including this Piney Branch corridor -- there was a 56 percent reduction in pedestrian collisions in 2010, compared to the preceding five-year average. The severity of the collisions also declined.

For information on safe walking, visit MCDOT's pedestrian safety website.

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POSTED AT: Friday, December 16, 2011 | 7:00:00 AM |
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