Leggett’s Recommended FY13 Operating Budget Addresses Highest Priorities with Fiscally Prudent Approach

The Recommended FY13 Operating Budget that County Executive Ike Leggett has sent to the County Council strategically restores some of the most critical and important services that were cut back dramatically over the past five years during a time of unprecedented budget challenges.  His approach to this budget attempts to balance the backlog of resident needs with the County’s new economic reality.  

Totaling $4.56 billion, the budget focuses on Leggett’s priorities to fully fund education, increase strategic investments in public safety and the safety net for the most vulnerable, and restore some hours for libraries and services for recreation centers, while maintaining his prudent policies that have put the County on the road to a sustainable economic future. 

The budget keeps property tax revenue at current levels by recommending a level below the Charter limit, increases reserves to the policy level of $300.2 million, allocates funding for PAYGO at 10 percent of planned general obligation bond issue and increases funding for retiree health benefits by $61 million to meet commitments for 2015 made to rating agencies.  

POSTED AT: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | 3:00:00 AM |
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