County Council Tentatively Agrees on $4.6 Billion Total Operating Budget for FY13

The Montgomery County Council has unanimously reached tentative agreement on a $4.6 billion total County operating budget for Fiscal Year 2013 which reflects a 5.6%  increase over the approved  FY12 budget.

In summary, priorities cited are Schools, Montgomery College, Public Safety and a ‘Safety Net.’ Property taxes are below the Charter limit, and there is a $692 tax credit for homeowners.  Library funding and Police staffing are both increased, while the Energy Tax increase is reduced by 10%.

The Council is scheduled to formally adopt the FY13 operating budget and the Fiscal Years 2013-18 six-year Capital Improvements Program on May 24.

The budget becomes effective July 1.

See details on the budget.

Read Council President Berliner’s comments on the budget.

View President Berliner’s reaction on YouTube.

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POSTED AT: Friday, May 18, 2012 | 7:30:00 AM |
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