Transit Task Force Releases Recommendations

The Montgomery County Transit Task Force recently presented its recommendations to Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett for establishing a 160-mile, innovative, “best-in-class” rapid transit system that creates a comprehensive transit network. 

The Task Force has recommended that the system be built in three phases over the next nine to 20 years to mitigate both construction and affordability issues. 

“Thanks to the tremendous work of the Transit Task Force, we now have a practical roadmap that will guide us to fully implementing the transit we both want and need to keep our County economically competitive in the 21st century,” said Leggett, who created the Transit Task Force in February 2011. 

The proposed rapid transit system uses vehicles that will operate like “light rail on rubber tires” and is more typically referred to as bus rapid transit.  To the maximum extent possible, the network would have separate, dedicated rapid transit vehicle (RTV) lanes, with an emphasis on creating a network with both north-south and east-west connections.

According to the report, an RTV network is essential if the County wants to achieve its smart growth vision and successfully compete for its fair share of the projected job growth in the region.

Read more information, including other recommendations, in the news release.

See the entire report at

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POSTED AT: Thursday, May 31, 2012 | 4:00:00 AM |
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