Three code enforcement measures to protect quality of life in our neighborhoods still awaiting Council approval

Because he had heard from many residents who were concerned about code enforcement issues in their neighborhoods, County Executive Ike Leggett appointed the Code Enforcement Work Group to study such issues and make recommendations. The 74-page report recommended sweeping changes that will ultimately result in a better quality of life for residents and  safer streets and neighborhoods.

Earlier in the year, another bill supported by Leggett was passed that prohibits parking heavy commercial and recreational vehicles on public roads in residential areas.

Four measures from the County Executive were introduced last May at the County Council.

One measure, Bill 23-09, which limits the storage of inoperable, unused and unregistered vehicles in residential neighborhoods to 30 days, was enacted by the Council on October 6.

The remaining three measures awaiting Council approval are:

  • Bill 22-09 -- gives an enforcement agency the authority to issue a notice of violation that cannot be appealed to the Board of Appeals.
  • Bill 24-09 -- requires certain detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses to obtain an approved final inspection within 18 months after the Department of Permitting Services issues the initial building permit.
  • Zoning Text Amendment 09-03 restricts the encroachment and expansion of home occupations into residential neighborhoods, as well as limits the paving of front yards and limits heavy commercial vehicles in residential zones.

Read the final report of the Code Enforcement Work Group, as well as information about the four legislative proposals and the commercial and recreational vehicle brochure (pdf).


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