Schools Come First in Executive’s Recommended Capital Improvements Program

County Executive Ike Leggett, joined by (left to right) County PTA President Kay Romero, Superintendent Dr. Jerry Weast and  Board of Education President Patricia O'Neill, has proposed a $3.9 billion fiscal year (FY) 2011-2016 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget that keeps an overall spending increase of 4.5 percent while significantly enhancing school construction, accelerating replacement of the County’s critical Traffic Management System and moving important public safety, affordable housing, infrastructure preservation, transportation, economic development and environmental protection projects forward. The proposed CIP mirrors the shared priorities of the Executive and the community.

Superintendent Jerry D. Weast said, “The need is there and the time is right to build. This is a solid investment in the future of Montgomery County and, on behalf of our students, staff and community, I thank the County Executive for his continued support of education.” 

Despite the difficult economic times, exceptionally low construction prices have allowed Leggett to take a long-term view on critically needed school infrastructure. By funding investments now, the County will save tens of millions of dollars in future construction costs as the economy recovers.

Leggett’s recommendation funds more than 99 percent of the Board of Education’s request, which in FY11 draws on about 58 percent of all general obligation bonds issued for that year. This represents a 16.8 percent increase for schools to nearly $1.5 billion. Education is Leggett’s highest priority, and he has reprioritized available resources to maximize support of public education. This CIP will add 118 classrooms for nine schools, build a new elementary and new middle school, and reopen two holding schools. The announcement was made at Paint Branch High School, where, in 2012, a new building will replace the current 1960s school.

Paint Branch principal Jeanette Dixon noted that Leggett’s support via the CIP will ensure that Leggett is remembered as the "Education County Executive."   

The Press Relase and recommended CIP are available on the County’s website.

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