The Census 2010 is Coming: 10 Minutes to Answer 10 Questions is Time Well Spent

During the week of March 15, you will receive a very important mailing from the United States Census. The few minutes that it will take to complete the Census form could amount to less time than you spend standing in line at the grocery check out line or at the movie theater or waiting for a beverage at your favorite coffee shop. But, the potential benefits to you and the County of filling out the form are long-lasting. County Executive Ike Leggett has stated that the goal is to have every single person living in the County counted.

 The Census occurs every 10 years, and getting everyone to respond is important because the results are used to establish our County's representation in Congress and in the Maryland General Assembly.  Federal funding for many essential education, transportation and human services are set by the population counted in the Census. Montgomery County will lose thousands of federal dollars for every resident we fail to count.   The Census form is easy to fill out. Just 10 questions will take you only 10 minutes to complete and will help determine Montgomery County's future for the next 10 years. Please include every person living in your residence, and remember that information on individual residents collected by the Census will not be shared with others.  Mail the questionnaire back by April 1.  

For more information, visit the Census 2010 website.

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