A Montgomery County Literacy Council Student Earns Top National Award

For the past 47 years, the Montgomery County Literacy Council (LCMC) has been opening doors to new worlds by helping countless numbers of adult students who have achieved functional levels of reading, writing, and/or speaking English.

Their latest success story is Milton Whitley of Gaithersburg who has received the Ruth J. Colvin and Frank C. Laubach Award for Student Excellence from ProLiteracy, the world’s largest organization of adult basic education and literacy programs.   In July 2007, at age 52, Whitley began working with a basic literacy tutor at the LCMC.  At that time, he wasn’t able to recite and print the complete alphabet, was unfamiliar with many letter sounds and was at a loss when attempting to read all but a few words.  Even though his strong desire to be a full participating member of society brought him to the Literacy Council, he harbored a great deal of self-doubt about his ability to learn how to read and write.

As Whitley progressed through the basic literacy program, he became more confident, more committed to learning, more excited about the possibilities that lay ahead and more inspired to help others who wanted to become literate. He admits there was a time when he felt fear when confronted with the written word.  “Now when I see a word I know, I smile.” 

To read more about Milton Whitley’s journey to becoming an award-winning student, and/or learn how you can become involved with the Literacy Council, visit

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