A Look at Locations of Emergency Medical Services Fees Around the Area

Three years ago, County Executive Ike Leggett recommended adoption of an Emergency Medical Services transport fee which would bill insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid for ambulance transports and raise millions for County Fire and Rescue – at no out-of-pocket cost to County residents. The failure to approve the fee has cost the County tens of millions of dollars.  Meanwhile, other jurisdictions in the metropolitan area have used these resources to improve service and save lives. And, there’s no evidence from any of them of any adverse effects. That tells you something.

The County Executive has included the fee as part of his FY11 Recommended Operating Budget. Take a look at the surrounding counties that have an EMS fee in place.

  • EMS Fees in Maryland Jurisdictions (pdf)
  • EMS Fees in Virginia Jurisdictions (pdf)
  • EMS Fees in the National Capital Region (NCR) Jurisdictions (pdf)

For complete information about the benefits of the EMS fee to Montgomery County, visit EMS website, or download brochure (pdf).

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