Leggett Encourages Council, Planning Board to Focus on White Oak Plan

With the Montgomery County Biosciences Task Force laying a strategy for growing the biosciences industry, the Council has now taken a major step toward leading the County into the next 30 years of growing knowledge-based jobs and developing communities of innovation.  The Great Seneca Sciences Corridor Master Plan provides for a place for science in the County.  But, County Executive Ike Leggett has reminded the Council this area cannot be the only place. 

In a recent letter to the Council, Leggett has urged them to “…now link the Great Seneca Sciences Corridor to other areas of the County with complementary science-based assets.  I am speaking of the White Oak planning area with the FDA’s Federal Research Campus, the Adventist Hospital campus, and the planned East County Science and Technology Center. 

“I am writing to encourage the Council and the Planning Board to modify the Planning Board’s workplan to move the White Oak Plan up to be the next priority for the Planning Board in its master plan revisions. By advancing this plan, we will send a clear message that Montgomery County is a premiere place to locate and develop communities of innovation where companies can locate near the federal assets that govern their work. The White Oak area can also provide growth capacity with opportunities for robust collaboration and ready access to an ever-developing workforce.

“By focusing on the White Oak Plan now – before the ICC is completed – we can make very clear that East to West, with NIH in the core, Montgomery County is the place for knowledge-based jobs and opportunities.” 

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POSTED AT: Friday, April 30, 2010 | 3:00:00 AM |
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