Serious Crime Down for 2009

 Montgomery County Police (MCPD) have announced that the Part I (serious) crime statistics for the 2009 calendar year show a 6.8% decrease in total Part I reported crime within the County.

Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics for Part I year-end 2009, compared to the same period in 2008, show:

Murder:  decreased by 38.1%     (from 21 to 13)
Rape:    decreased by 5.3%       (from 131 to 124)
Robbery:     decreased by 9.8%       (from 1,100 to 992)
Aggravated Assault: increased by 8.3%        (from 835 to 904)
Burglary:  decreased by 16.4%     (from 3,603 to 3,011)
Larceny:   decreased by 3.5%       (from 19,027 to 18,356)
Auto Theft:   decreased by 23.3%     (from 2,258 to 1,732)

The only Part I crime category to increase in 2009 was aggravated assault which rose by 8.3% (from 835 to 904). In this category, assault victims are counted, not incidents. So, any single aggravated assault incident with more than one victim is counted for each of the victims.  Domestic assaults counted for 42.9% of all assaults.  Assaults against police officers accounted for 2.4% of all aggravated assaults.

Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said while he was encouraged by the drop in Part I crime numbers, “I know that there are a multitude of factors that contribute to the amount of crime that goes on in a particular area.  MCPD has been doing a better job in recent years at deploying our resources where they are needed the most and can do the most good.  We continue to rely on our community members to timely report to police suspicious persons and suspicious activities; and to provide tip information to advance our investigations.”

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