Executive Commends State Board of Education Decision on Maintenance of Effort

“I am grateful to the State Board of Education for their decision to approve Montgomery County’s local contribution to education of $1.415 billion, supporting our request to waive the county’s Maintenance of Effort (MOE) requirement for fiscal year 2011.

“I want to thank the Montgomery County Council for their support. I also especially want to thank our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jerry Weast and Board of Education President Patricia O’Neill for standing shoulder to shoulder with us in support of the waiver.

“Montgomery County has a long history of funding our schools far in excess of State Maintenance of Effort requirements. But, this year, we were faced with serious challenges posed by the sharp economic downturn as a clear justification for a waiver.

“Despite being unable to meet our MOE target in fiscal year 2011, the County has made every effort to minimize the impact of this decline in revenue on K -12 education by taking proportionately steeper budget reductions in County government and other County funded agencies than the County has proposed for MCPS.

“I appreciate the State Board’s action. It recognizes that Montgomery County continues to support our world-class school system while sustaining critical programs in public safety, safety net services for our most vulnerable County residents, and initiatives to support our children and youth.”

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POSTED AT: Monday, June 14, 2010 | 7:00:00 AM |
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