Approved County Budget Continues Leggett’s Four-Year Priority of Putting County

County Executive Ike Leggett knew before the current downturn that the County spending habits of the prior four years were unsustainable and from the start made putting the County’s fiscal house in order a priority for his administration

In his first year (FY08), Leggett brought County government tax-supported spending down from a 14.1 percent increase in the year before he took office to 6.7 percent. In FY09, he reduced it further to a 1.5 percent increase. In FY 10 he reduced it yet again to MINUS 2.2 percent and this year he proposed another minus 7 percent DECREASE below the previous year.

In the three years before Leggett took office, County government tax-supported spending increased by a total of 36 percent. By comparison, for his entire four years, the budget has decreased by 1 percent total. 

The County Executive has closed nearly $2.3 billion in budget gaps over the four years. He closed nearly a $1 billion gap this year alone -- 83 percent of gap closed with reductions and other actions -- only 17 percent was achieved with additional revenues. He has eliminated 1,100 positions (10 percent of the County government’s entire workforce) in just the last two years.

Last year, he prevented an additional $80 million in cuts to critical County services when he marshaled support from the County Council, the School Board and Superintendent, and ultimately, the state legislature for a waiver of the State’s Maintenance of Effort requirement. Working closely together with them again, Montgomery County has already won a similar waiver this year from the State Board of Education.

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