Summertime Safety Tips and A Fireworks Reminder


Like the other seasons, summer is filled with all sorts of pleasures, but those pleasures can come with problems, as well – warm weather/heat waves; cookouts/grill problems; pool fun/pool accidents; picnics/unsafe foods.

The County’s homepage contains a number of Summertime Safety Tips for you, your family and your pets.

And, with the approach of the July 4th Holiday, the Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) reminds residents that ALL fireworks are illegal in Montgomery County.  MCFRS says that in spite of recent changes in Maryland law that allows the sale, possession and use of "ground-based sparkling devices" in many parts of Maryland, no change has occurred in the law in Montgomery and Prince George's counties and Baltimore City.

Possession or use of fireworks is unlawful and subject to a $500 fine upon conviction. Selling of fireworks is unlawful and subject to $1,000 fine upon conviction. If anyone has knowledge of a crime associated with arson, fireworks and explosive devices they are asked to contact the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service at 240-777-2263.

The safest way for you and your family to celebrate the holiday is to take in one of the many fireworks displays planned for the area.

For additional safety information, visit

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