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From the Mail Bag...

Comments from the residents of Montgomery County

Friday, April 18, 2008

I am a resident of Montgomery County and a county employee. I recently saw the press campaign regarding the E85/Propane Fuel Site on Crabbs Branch Way. I knew of it because I fuel there and use E85 in my county vehicle. I was glad to see this advertised as very few residents know about it.

While this was a positive step, I do have a concern about the E85. The price the county charges does not make it economically feasible for me to use the E85 in my private vehicle. The E85 fuel produces approximately 20% less mileage per gallon than regular gas. To make it worthwhile to use, most E85 prices around the country are 20 to 30% less than gas. The price at Crabbs Branch is currently $3.19 a gallon, only a 6% difference. While I would like to reduce my personal vehicles emissions by the 39-46% that E85 does, my wife and I can not justify the added cost.

I am happy to see that Montgomery County has invested in such a valuable and eco-friendly resource. I hope there is something that can be done to make it an economically viable option for residents. I thank you for your service to Montgomery County.

- Darren

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