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For Immediate Release: 9/21/2009
Leggett Announces Expansion of County’s Extensive Recycling Program; New materials added to items residents can recycle

Already among the broadest in the metropolitan region, Montgomery County’s nationally recognized recycling program today became even more extensive with the announcement by County Executive Isiah Leggett that an array of additional items can now be recycled.
Under the improved program, residents of single-family homes can now recycle non-hazardous aerosol cans and Tupperware™ and Rubbermaid™-type durable reusable plastic containers and lids. Non-hazardous aerosol cans include whipped topping, spray cooking oil, deodorant, shaving cream and hair spray aerosol cans. These cans must be emptied before being placed into the blue commingled materials recycling bin.

In addition, the mixed paper recycling program has been expanded to include various types of coated paper items. These items include milk and juice cartons, frozen food boxes, cardboard ice cream containers and lids, paper coffee and drink cups, wax-coated fruit and produce boxes, and juice and drink boxes.

Making the announcement at the Potomac residence of the Blasberg-Wilson family, Leggett said, “Our great recycling program has just gotten even greater with the addition of these new items. The goal is to reduce our waste stream to the bare minimum and have as many things as possible either recycled or re-used. We’ve just taken another giant step in that direction.”

“But,” Leggett said, “we also have families like Heather and David’s to thank for not only recycling to the fullest extent but enhancing their home and their daily routines with “green” practices.”

The additional items will be collected from all 210,000 single-family homes in Montgomery County. Residents of municipalities are not included in the County’s expanded program, as their recycling programs are established by their respective jurisdictions.
Multi-family properties in the County that direct their recyclable materials to the County’s Recycling Center will also be able to expand their recycling programs to include the additional items.

For more information about the County’s expanded recycling program, or for additional blue recycling bins in the 22-gallon size, call 240-777-6410 or visit


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