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ID: 13-001
Monday, January 7, 2013; 10 a.m.
Outside of Fort Totten Metro Station

Introduction of Metro K9 Service

One of the highest priorities of my administration is to improve our transportation network and provide more alternatives to reduce traffic congestion. That’s why I am so glad to be here today to celebrate the new K9 Metrobus service. It will make a big difference in this very busy New Hampshire Avenue corridor. This New Hampshire Avenue corridor is one of the highest ridership routes in Maryland, with more than 5,800 weekday riders and 5,300 Saturday riders and 3,400 Sunday riders. It’s also a truly regional route, covering the District of Columbia and Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

Those using the K9 route should see immediate improvements, such as new buses, more bus service, reduced crowding, a faster ride with limited stops and better reliability. Metro’s Bus Priority Corridor service in Maryland is critical to helping to meet our transportation needs. We look forward to working with Metro on developing more such premium routes.

The K9 bus priority corridor is the first step towards implementing the New Hampshire Avenue Rapid Transit System corridor. A rapid transit corridor has the potential to double the ridership and significantly reduce transit travel times. In the future this route will connect with the Purple Line at the new Takoma Langley Transit Center at University and New Hampshire. We will work closely with WMATA and the Maryland Department of Transportation to fund the second phase of the K9 service, which will extend the route to the Food and Drug Administration campus in White Oak as soon as new buses can be purchased for this critical expansion.

Thank you all for being here today as we continue to make strides in expanding transportation alternatives in the region.

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