B629807; Body Parts - No Physical Injury; STRESS AND ANXIETY DRIVING THE BUS; Agency - DPW&T S.SPRG/BTHSDA RD-ON; Claimant Attorney - David Galinis; Adjuster - Laura White; Claimant's appeal from Award of Compensation, dated 12/19/2013. Issue at the hearing was worsening of condition. The claimant sought a 100% Psy disability. She was awarded 25% industrial loss of use of the body as a result of an injury to the body(psy)(recurrent depressive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder), a 10% increase; plus 25% due to pre existing conditions. The claimant/bus driver struck a man who was on foot on March 30, 2005. The claimant had pre existing mental heath issues and had only worked for the County for two years prior to the A/I. She has not worked since the A/I and resides in N.C. There are two circuit court cases pending. It appears one of the cases is a duplicate. Circuit Court numbers 387603V and 385985V.