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Executive Regulation 15-04AM: Residential and Commercial Recycling

Executive Regulation 15-04AM: Residential and Commercial Recycling

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Executive Regulation 15-04AM describes the

  • residential recycling requirements for single-family and multi-family dwellings (including reporting requirements for multi-family property owners)
  • nonresidential recycling and reporting requirements, and
  • recycling requirements for collectors of solid waste and recyclable materials.

Exective Regulation 15-04AM, adopted February 8, 2005, supercedes Executive Regulation 109-92AM (PDF, 2.4 MB).

Why recycle?

Montgomery County has been a national leader in recycling, and has shown its strong commitment to preserving natural resources and protecting the environment. Recycling allows us to give back to the environment, our community and our world. When we recycle, we protect trees and wildlife, preserve our natural resources, and reduce the need for disposal facilities, such as landfills and waste-to-energy plants. To exemplify this commitment, the County Council established a County-wide goal to recycle 50% of all our solid waste.

The County Executive further demonstrated the County's commitment to recycling and acted to ensure progress toward the County's recycling goal, by enacting Executive Regulation 109-92AM in 1993, and establishing mandatory recycling requirements for residents, multi-family properties, and businesses. From that time on, everyone who lives, works, attends school, shops, or visits in Montgomery County must recycle. The amount of materials recycled in Montgomery County has increased every year. Significant progress in recycling has been made, and while our County remains among the leaders in recycling nationwide, we're not there yet... there's still more to be done.

In a continuing effort to improve participation, compliance and achievement, Montgomery County passed ER 15-04AM in February 2005. This regulation supersedes ER 109-92AM, and is designed to further stimulate, encourage, and enforce recycling in homes and businesses. For recycling to succeed, everyone has a role to play in recycling efforts, and everyone must carry out their responsibility and continue to make sure that recycling happens.

The materials which must be recycled are those materials supported by strong, stable markets, In addition, the materials that must be recycled are consistent; the same wherever you are, at home, work or play. The recycling regulation states roles, responsibilities, and requirements, and are maintained, monitored and enforced by a team of County staff and investigators. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure compliance across the board.

How can you help?

By recycling in accordance with the rules, and by recycling as much as you can!

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