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 Ineffective methods to combat drowsiness while driving, and one that works


Drivers are endangering their lives by using ineffective tactics to combat sleepiness behind the wheel, according to a new survey by automotive marketing company DME Automotive. More survey respondents say they're more likely to open windows, blast music, turn up the air conditioning or pull over to exercise or stretch than do what safety experts recommend: pull over and take a nap.

About 42% of nearly 2,000 motorists surveyed say they open a window or sun roof to stay awake while driving; 35% say they pull over to exercise or stretch; 35% listen to loud music; and 25% turn up the air. Other ineffective tactics cited by 10%-21% of respondents are eating, singing, listening to talk radio, talking to or slapping oneself, stretching in the car and smoking. Eight percent say they splash water on their face or neck.

Scientific research shows that an effective tactic to combat drowsy driving is a 30-minute nap, followed by drinking one to two cups of strong coffee. To see the full article, go to

(Source: USA Today, July 15, 2014, as cited in NETSWork e-Newsletter August 2014.)