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 Highway Services' street sweeping completed


Highway Services’ Arterial Road Sweeping Program expanded this spring from a once-a-month sweeping operation to twice a month.  It covered 191 miles of roadway. This season, Highway collected nearly 1000 tons of debris, preventing these pollutants from reaching the Chesapeake Bay.

Highway also conducted an annual sweeping of residential streets.  Over 3900 curb miles of roads were swept this season, with another thousand tons of debris collected. This amount was less than anticipated due to last year's mild winter and reduced use of chemicals and abrasives.

Each spring our initial sweeping efforts focus on the routes that affect more environmentally sensitive waterways, many of which are on the eastern side of the county and part of the Anacostia watershed.  This aspect of the program is supported by the Department of Environmental Protection under its stream protection efforts. The remaining routes are typically completed by July.  This year the program was suspended for about a month due to the Derecho storm, but was completed by the end of August.

For more information, go to Highway Services’ website.