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 Fall marks the time for leaf vacuuming and snow preparations


Our Highway Services crews have begun their annual leaf vacuuming collection. From early November through December within leaf districts, crews will make two passes on each street several weeks apart. 

Signs announcing the collections will be posted: green signs announcing the first collection, and red signs stating the final collection date.

Leaves should be placed in piles on the grass or behind the curb.  Putting leaves in the street can disrupt traffic, create a slipping hazard for bicylists, interfere with water drainage, or pose a fire hazard.  Sticks, branches and garden debris should be placed in containers or tied in bundles and put out at the curb for recycling.

To make sure MCDOT is prepared for winter weather, Highway Services held its annual Snow Summit.  Kicked off by the County Executive, the summit brought together County crews and contractors to review snow removal strategies.  Highway will hold a practice drill for County crews to test equipment and procedures, and familiarize new drivers with the snow routes.  The public is reminded of our website storm operations map that provides information on any storm, including road closures and access to traffic cameras.

For more information, visit MCDOT's website.  When a storm hits, go to the County's website homepage,  Or you can call 311 (TTY, call 301-251-4850), Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. (MC311 typically will operate on extrended hours in the event of a severe storm.)