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 ICC Begins Full Tolling Procedures April 6


Overhead toll gantries collect tolls from motorists passing underneath at highway speeds

Overhead toll gantries collect tolls from motorists passing underneath at highway speeds

Motorists are advised that tolls and the service charge will be collected in the Intercounty Connector (ICC) soon.  The $3 service charge grace period for not using an EZPass transponder will expire at midnight April 5.

The State opened the first segment of the ICC (MD200) to traffic on February 23.  This segment connects I-370 to Georgia Avenue (MD97) with a temporary connection at the end of this segment to Norbeck Road (MD28).  Motorists can take Norbeck Road to MD198 to I-95 to reach points north, such as the BWI airport, until the final segments of MD200 are completed, projected for the end of 2011. 

MD200 is operated and maintained by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA).   Tolls are charged based upon miles travelled on the roadway and time of travel, with higher charges occurring during midday and peak hours to manage congestion.  The road pricing system will help ensure motorists have a predictable travel time through this corridor.

The following schedule was established by MDTA to introduce motorists to the tolling aspect.

* February 22 to March 6: Test Drive the ICC between I-370 and MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) at no charge.

* March 7 to April 5: Tolls go into effect, but motorists who have not opened an EZ Pass account will enjoy a waiver of the $3 Notice of Toll Due Service charge over and above their toll.  They will recieve a bill for just their toll in the mail.

* April 6: Tolls and service charge collection will be in effect at 12:01 am.

Volume on the ICC was initially running over 30,000 vehicles a day during the first week of opening.  Once the tolls were initiated volume dropped significantly.  However, it has grown about five percent a week since early March.  Current volume stands at about 10,000 vehicles a day, in line with State expectations for the road when it is limited to the current segment.  For more information on the ICC/MD200 visit MDTA's website.