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 Bethesda Avenue-Woodmont Avenue project (parking lot #31) update including closure of a segment of Woodmont Avenue on or about September 4


The work at the site formally housing the Division of Parking Management's parking lot at the corner of Bethesda Avenue-Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda continues.  This lot was designated Lot 31 by MCDOT.  Here's an update for work planned within the next few weeks.

Woodmont Avenue Closure: Portable sign boards have been installed in Bethesda announcing the closing of Woodmont Avenue next to the development on or about Monday, September 4, 2012. There will be extensive coordination between signal lights, crosswalk identification, and signage before the road is closed.  

* Capital Crescent Trail restoration: The seeding and mulching along the trail is complete.  The overhead protection of the trail should commence in the next few weeks as well as the restoration of the portion of trail immediately adjacent to Lot 31. 

* Traffic Signal Modifications: Pepco has connected the new traffic signal.  A new meter installation will occur the week of August 27, and the traffic signal will “go live” immediately prior to the closure of the above segment of Woodmont Avenue. 

* Bethesda Avenue Crosswalk: The repair to the intersection due to the waterline work and the work along the north side for traffic signal modifications is complete. 

* On the construction site: The excavation work has begun.  There is a large excavated area along the southern property line.  Piles were drilled along the west side and north side of the site.  Once Woodmont Avenue closes the pile drilling rig will move to Lot 31A to commence pile installation along the east and north sides of Lot 31A.

For more information on parking options in Bethesda, visit the Division of Parking Management's website.