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 Traffic calming measures completed this summer


The Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations has completed traffic calming projects along sections of Jones Bridge Road, Wisteria Road, Spartan Road, and along Cedar Lane. 

* Jones Bridge Road construction spanned from the N. Chevy Chase elementary school to Jones Mill Road. 

* The Wisteria Drive / Waring Station Road project consisted of a series of bump-outs, pedestrian refuge islands, as well as installation of crosswalks and other bus stop improvements. 

* The Cedar Lane / Summit Avenue construction went from Beach Drive to Knowles Avenue. The project included pedestrian refuge islands, bump-outs and new crosswalks.

* The Spartan Road construction consisted of a traffic calming project from Georgia Avenue to MD 108. The project included pedestrian refuge islands, bump-outs and new crosswalks. 

Speeding and unsafe driving practices on residential streets are a continuing concern to County residents and to the government agencies charged with ensuring traffic safety. Excessive speeds jeopardize both the safety and "liveability" of our neighborhoods. The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) and the Department of Police have cooperatively implemented a comprehensive residential speed control program which enlists community residents in helping to solve the speeding problem and improve the residential environment. The program includes the three components necessary to successfully reduce speeding: education, engineering and enforcement.

For information on MCDOT traffic calming measures, visit the Division of Traffic Engineering and Operations' website.  For information on safe walking, visit MCDOT's pedestrian safety website.