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 Safe Routes to School Program completes third grant cycle


MCDOT’s Safe Routes to School program just wrapped up one of its two-year grants from the Maryland Highway Safety Office. It promotes the 3 E’s – Engineering, Education, and Enforcement – at schools.

The program funded education activities at six county schools. For example, the Safe Routes to School coordinator created walking route maps for students and did presentations on safe walking and biking behavior. Engineering work included installing school zone signs, marking crosswalks, and constructing new sidewalks. Enforcement involved County Police setting up speed radar in front of schools and reinforcing safe drop off procedures with parents.

The coordinator also planned International Walk to School Day events. In 2010, the main event was hosted at East Silver Spring Elementary School where over 200 students, parents, and faculty were joined by USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood. The event has grown each year, with 47 schools participating in 2012.

For more information, visit our revamped pedestrian safety website.