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 Bethesda Avenue-Woodmont Avenue project (parking lot #31) update


The work at the site formally housing the Division of Parking Management's parking lot at the corner of Bethesda Avenue-Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda continues. This lot was designated Lot 31 by MCDOT. The new develpment, when finally completed, will feature some 940 underground, public parking spaces. Here's an update on the project. Text in italics is new information since the last MCDOT News update.

* On the construction site: The contractor reports that the majority of the work continues to be site excavation, sheeting/shoring and support of excavation. Over the last few weeks, the majority of efforts have focused on the installation of the raker support system on the east side of the site, on specific excavation of the footers and elevator pits throughout the site. The first of three tower cranes was installed last week. As noted in the previous updates as the concrete operation begins the project will be utilizing the Bethesda Avenue construction entrances in addition to the Woodmont Avenue entrance. The Contractor will utilize flag personnel to manage the project’s truck traffic.

* Woodmont Avenue Closure: Automobile traffic is reminded that Woodmont Avenue remains closed from Miller to Bethesda. Only automobiles with business on Miller or who live off Miller Avenue should enter Woodmont Avenue northbound at Wisconsin. MC DOT Traffic and the Lot 31 development team continue to monitor pedestrian and automobile traffic around the Woodmont Avenue closure. MCDOT has made changes to the signal timing at Bethesda/Woodmont to improve traffic on Bethesda Avenue. Additional pedestrian crossing signs have been installed within the Bethesda/Woodmont intersection.

* Capital Crescent Trail restoration: The overhead protection of the trail is in place and the restoration of the trail immediately adjacent to Lot 31 has been completed.

For more information on parking options in Bethesda, visit the Division of Parking Management's website.