Welcome to the Taxicab Hotline Web page.

This Web Page is for the public to report problems or compliment taxicab service. You may also call in your comments. The telephone number is 240-777- 2625, [TTY 240-777-2630]. The Hot line will be answered by staff from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. weekdays. Messages can be left at all other times and someone will return the call.

We encourage customers to first call the taxicab company to see if the company can resolve the complaint. Before you proceed, please remember that this is not the web site or telephone number to call for “Where is my cab” problems. Persons who have “Where is my cab” problems should call the taxicab companies, since they are the ones who are providing the service. The telephone numbers are:

Action Taxi 301-840-1000
Barwood Cab 301-984-1900
Orange Taxi - (301) 912-0000
Regency Cab 301-990-9000
Sun Cab 301-252-0575

[Note: If the complaint regards public safety, such as assault or driving while under the influence, call the police at 911 if this is an emergency, or the non-emergency police number at 240-279-8000.]

You may lodge a “formal” or “informal” comment. Comments cannot be accepted anonymously. You must enter your name and the required information. Simply choose the option you prefer and proceed to answer the short form that follows.

Formal complaints or compliments

  • Formal complaints will be forwarded for investigation and resolution.
  • Fill out all the required information. It is very important that you include the date and time of the problem, the name of the company, and the taxicab number, if you have one.
  • Taxicab numbers are on the outside of the cabs. They are also in large print on the information pack behind the driver’s seat. The interior numbers are also in Braille that can be found on the upper right portion of the information pack.
  • Persons who file formal comments will receive follow-up on the investigation results.

Informal complaints or compliments

  • These are general in nature and will not be investigated.
  • Fill out all the required information. Enter your comment in the comment box.
  • Informal comments will be included in the data collected on taxicab service and used for statistical purposes.
  • You will not receive a follow-up on informal comments.

Questions? Call the Hot Line at 240-777- 2625.