First New Recycling Rate Goal in Nearly Two Decades Announced

Upholding its reputation as a local leader in recycling efforts, Montgomery County stepped up again when County Executive Ike Leggett announced establishment of a new, higher recycling goal -- 70 percent of the waste stream being recycled by the end of 2020. 

The new goal is the first to be established since the original goal of recycling 50 percent of the waste stream was established nearly 20 years ago

In addition to the new recycling rate, Leggett also announced a proposal that Montgomery County adopt the Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) methodology for calculating recycling rates.  This means that the Division of Solid Waste Services staff will use the MRA Diversion rate as the official County recycling rate, instead of calculating two separate and different rates each year, as in the past.

The 70% goal would be one of the highest among jurisdictions in the metropolitan region, as well as other counties across the United States.  It puts Montgomery County in an elite group of major jurisdictions which have the highest recycling goals in the country. Both Florida and California have recycling rate goals of 75%, while the City of Seattle's recycling rate goal is 70%.  Maryland's recycling rate goal is 35% with an additional waste reduction goal of 5%.    

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