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 Montgomery County Council Unanimously Approves Bill 37-11

Stop Passing the Bus … The Montgomery County Council on March 6 unanimously approved Bill 37-11 that authorizes installation of cameras on County school buses to monitor vehicles that illegally pass stopped buses. Drivers caught on tape illegally passing a stopped bus will be subject to a maximum civil fine of up to $250. “We are fortunate that we passed this bill today without the need to name it after a child who has been killed by someone who believes that speeding past a stopped school bus is more important than protecting our County’s school children,” said Counclmember Valerie Ervin, the chief sponsor of the bill. Among those also at an event in Rockville to stress the importance of the bill were, left to right: David Rodich of SEIU Local 500, bus driver Bob Herron, Councilmember Phil Andrews, Board of Education President Shirley Brandman, School Superintendent Joshua Starr and Police Chief Thomas Manger.