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 Seeing Inspiration

SEEING INSPIRATION... Angie Fuentes (speaking), who was born blind, but refused to attend schools for the blind, instead opting for a mainstream educational experience and the challenges that would bring. This year, the Seneca Valley junior became the only known blind student in the area to take advantage of the Maryland state rule that schools must provide students with disabilities equal opportunities to participate in mainstream sports as long as the accommodation does not change the character of the sport or pose a safety hazard. On Nov. 27, the Montgomery County Council honored Angie for her accomplishments competing for her Germantown school’s cross-country team through the aid of a ‘guide runner’ who connects with her via a baton. At the ceremonies in Rockville, left to right, were her mother, Karla; Seneca Valley Athletic Director Jesse Irvin; Jordana Ashe, a Seneca coach; Seneca Principal Marc Cohen; and Councilmember Craig Rice.