Montgomery County
Office of Procurement
Bid Tabulation & Summary

Bid Number:  1026615
Bid Name:  Medical and Dental Equipment Purchase, Maintenance, Repairs, Inspections and Related Services
Buyer:  Karakaya, Penny Perrus
Dept Contact:  Beth McKinney (HHS)
Bid Opening:   1/6/2014 11:00:00 AM

Item No

Bidder 1
Dental Health Products Inc.
Bidder 2
Dental Products and Services Inc.
Bidder 3
Kentron Healthcare Inc.
Bidder 4
Benco Dental Supply Company
Bidder 5
No Bidder
Bidder 6
No Bidder
Bidder 7
No Bidder
Group IDental and Medical Equipment and or Supplies------
Discount Percentage (%)24%----15%
Group IIMaintenance Repair, Inspections and Disposal of Dental and Medical Equipment--------
Group II - Item 1. Large Dental Equipment ServiceExtended Price------ $1,524.24
Group II -Item 2. Small Dental Equipment ServiceExtended Price------ $2,159.34
Group II -Item 3. Radiological EquipmentExtended Price------ $1,270.20
Group II Item 4. Sterilization EquipmentExtended Price------ $762.12
Group II Item 5. Calibrate and RepairExtended Price------ $381.06
Group II Item 6. Disposal Fee of Medical and Dental EquipmentExtended Price------$141.13
Group III - Dental and Medical Supplies--------
Sub -Category ATotal Sub- Category A Totals (Add items 1 thru 12)$41,404.44$-42,771.50$5862.00$33,616.30
Sub Category BTotal Sub-Category B Totals (add items 13 thru 20)$62,393.37$77,442.50No Bid$56,820.00
Sub-Category Ctotal Sub-Category C Totals (Add items 1 thru 12)$42,149.60$46,138.00No Bid$49,955.00