Montgomery County
Office of Procurement
Bid Tabulation & Summary

Bid Number:  1035080
Bid Name:  Furnishing and Installation of Street Name and Traffic Sign Assemblies
Buyer:  Harris, Eric
Dept Contact:  Dan Sanayi (DOT)
Bid Opening:   11/25/2013 11:00:00 AM

Item No

Bidder 1
Shannon-Baum Signs, Inc
Bidder 2
Protection Services, Innc.
Bidder 3
No Bidder
Bidder 4
No Bidder
Bidder 5
No Bidder
Bidder 6
No Bidder
Bidder 7
No Bidder
1Aggregate Amount of the Unit Prices Extended by the Estimated Annual Quantities Listed Above203240.00332500.00