Montgomery County Maryland

1026592 - Development of Brand and Implementation Plan for Montgomery County's Workforce System and Workforce Investment Board

Please contact Gaye Barksdale (240-777-2049) with questions or to obtain a copy of the informal solicitation.

Scope of Work
  1. Review existing branding and messaging materials and campaigns (current state assessment). Determine how branding and messaging will be integrated with the new MontgomeryWorks website.
  2. Stakeholder interviews Conduct interviews with various system stakeholders, business and job seeker customers and potential customers to evaluate market perceptions, communications needs and resource recommendations. Prepare report summarizing the interviews and conclusions as guidance for development of the branding and messaging. Provide report to DWS and WIB committee(s).
  3. Branding/Messaging Recommendations Identify brand objectives, global messaging theme, and brand narrative to guide development of a logo, tagline and marketing messaging for the website. Include relevant terms and initial tagline themes for WIB feedback.
  4. Tagline Development Propose taglines and consult with DWS and WIB to identify a final tagline for use on the website and related marketing materials. WIB will approve the final tagline.
  5. Logo Development Draft at least 3 proposed logo designs and consult with DWS & WIB to finalize development of a new logo and brand identity for the new website and related marketing materials. Logo is to be provided in electronic format suitable for use on both the web and in print materials. WIB will approve the final logo.
  6. Integrated branding marketing plan Develop plan that includes goals, tactics, and tasks to integrate brand (logo and tagline) into information, communications and outreach activities. Include timeline and costs to implement the plan.